Sleek Cars




Senior Designer
UI Designer
Art direction


I led the creative team through the launch of Sleek car's new app & website. This project involves everything from art direction, to web design, and advertising.




There was a lot of work to be done, which included everything from storyboarding to an out-of-home design marathon. During this period, I collaborated with a few other designers and creatives to help the team. The deadlines were tight, but the mood was upbeat. We jumped right in and didn't stop until we achieved our goal.

We met store managers, potential consumers, and those who had never heard of sleek automobiles to learn about their opinions and perceptions about vehicle dealers. We used everything we learned here to help us decide how to position our website/app in the market. We discovered that this demographic was modern and pragmatic, but also had a sense of humour. We developed our key adjectives and traits based on our study to use in our marketing strategy.

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Based on our user research and important attributes, we created our art direction. The use of colours, particularly grey and black accents, helped to bring the audience together. In the launch content, we incorporated both studio and lifestyle aesthetics, capturing a stark contrast versus current commuting options.

We teamed up with our friends at A2 Lab to help with the development. We collaborated on the script, storyboarding, and production. The app had several goals. It needed to introduce the website of the Sleek car, highlight its unique features, and highlight past pedigree as a successful trader of new & used cars. This was a major differentiator for the brand and we wanted to show the world that they've been at this for a while now. 



The first design was fantastic, but we quickly ran into another issue: how to express the entire brand storey on the website. We thought we'd have some early adopters and automotive fanatics within our audience, but we understood we couldn't rely on them indefinitely. We didn't want the website to be solely about used cars and services, but rather about the brand's legacy, which we wanted to convey with enthusiasm and an unrivalled sense of flow. How do we go about doing that? 


This is where the project started. We talked to people, went to car events, took surveys, and fine-tuned our message until we felt confident in who we were and who we were communicating with.


We packed up Infos, explored lots of design directions, revamped the site, and in late 2019 launched the website that truly sought to position Sleek cars as a solution to the last-mile commuting problem.


I led all of the design work also led the project with an external development agency to build the pages and launch everything on time (and within budget).

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