Black Rock


As any designer knows, these days it's really hard to describe exactly what you're actually doing. Although I'm officially employed as a Senior Designer, this doesn't reflect who I really am. It is much more. I've been looking for a suitable term for a long time. The term multidisciplinary came closest. This means that a designer is professional in different disciplines. These can be typography, illustration, user interface design and more. But the fact is that I never wanted to specialize in anything, everything else to the left is far too exciting for that.


Of course, mastering the known disciplines is absolutely necessary in order to be able to think outside the box.


User Journey, Research & Analysis, Workshops 

Deep Research, Sketching, Site-Map, Wireframe, Prototyping,
User Testing, Story-Telling

Branding, Concept Design, User Interface, Visual Design,

Content Design, Case Study, Working on Pitches and everything

almost User Centered


Born in Chennai. I already knew in school that I wanted to do something creative later on. My dream job back then: comic book artist. Now it should not be exactly the job but something much better. Designer. I've been into design since I was 19. Starting with making fun photo montages in Photoshop for friends and family, I'm now in 2021.

More than 11 years ago I fulfilled my childhood dream. I work in the creative industry. After finishing school, my parents want me to do architecture, but gave up everything shortly before the final admission day and applied to a multimedia course to become a designer. I had the great pleasure of working with companies such as TNQ, Ad2pro, HCL, Rilee’s and multiple other clients. As Senior Designer/Brand Manager, I am responsible for various projects and always work closely with our clients on the products of Future.

Elegant Abstract Background

Curiosity and ambition drive people to learn and experiment. The wheel, the automobile and the view into space. Breaking the sound barrier, smartphones and the cloning of living beings are just a fraction of what people have achieved in a very short time. These real-world results tell us that personal boundaries are most likely far more distant than imagined. The theoretical insights of Einstein, Hawking and other great thinkers inspire many people to try other approaches and paths. They showed and still show us that humans are capable of accomplishing the unimaginable. And the topic of "technological singularity" show us that technology and the people who control it are becoming much faster and smarter from year to year. This exponential growth feeds our curiosity about the future and our ambition to help shape and observe it.